Charm City mead is produced through a cold process, similar to wine. In place of grapes or grain, mead employs honey as its base ingredient, and it is fermented with water and yeast for approximately two weeks. By not heating the product during fermentation, it enables the meadmaker to retain the subtle nuances of the honey's original nectar source.

Following fermentation, we age our mead for two to four months in oak casks that originally held bourbon whiskey. Throughout this aging, the product is closely monitored to determine the flavors that are both being added and also developed over time. In the case of our flavored meads, our finished product is then removed from the casks and filtered, and stored in large cases called "totes" to facilitate the infusion process, using fresh fruits, herbs, and spices.

The history of mead is a long story of love and passion. Mead has been a drink of choice since before written history, made and enjoyed by the ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Inca and Aztec tribes, and of course, the Vikings. It has been referred to as the "nectar of the gods," and has long had fertility (and specifically the birth of sons) attributed to its consumption. The modern-day term "honeymoon" comes from the term "mead moon," an ancient tradition where the newlywed couple would be given enough mead to last a full lunar cycle, in hopes that the wife would bear a son. In addition to fertility, mead is known for its aphrodisiacal and intoxicating properties, making it also the nectar of love and passion.

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How to drink mead

Here at Charm City Meadworks, part of our mission is to show the world that mead can be consumed on its own. Often times, mead is very sweet and almost difficult to consume an entire glass, but we believe that mead can be created in a way that allows it to be truly enjoyed, especially at the same quantity that one would enjoy a glass of wine or a pint of beer. This is why, as brewers and meadmakers, we strive to create a product that can be consumed in this way.

Similar to beer and wine (both on its own and fortified varieties), mead can be employed by mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts to enhance the flavors already existing in the spirits. Our ultimate goal is to create a line-up of inventive and delicious meads that inspire even the most unlikely to create and enjoy the nectar of the gods in whatever way best fits their lifestyle.

We suggest that our carbonated meads are served in a 12-ounce pour, ideally in a Belgian-style glass, to fully experience all of the nuances that our meads have to offer.  Our still meads, with their higher alcoholic content, are served in a pour and glass similar to wine (usually ranging from 4.5 to 6.5 fluid ounces) and slightly chilled. With that being said, feel free to drink Charm City Meadworks mead in a way that makes sense to you, because mead is for everyone and every walk of life!

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dry mead


Our mead ranges from dry to off-dry, and is made in variety of styles and flavors.


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