You can purchase our still meads in-store in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., and Virginia. Not all of our flavors can be found in every area. Call your local beer, wine, or liquor store to see what is available near you.

original dry


Still Mead // 12% ABV

Crisp, dry, and refreshing, this modern mead is best served lightly chilled. Pair our traditional honey wine with sautéed vegetables, seared tuna, grilled chicken, or a fresh fruit cobbler. Cheers! 

sweet blossom


Still Mead // 12% ABV

Our first semi-sweet offering. Sweetened with orange blossom honey, floral notes and subtle citrus abound, while still remaining light and refreshing.

rosemary mead


Still Mead // 12% ABV

Reinvent the mojito with fresh rosemary and the tart, refreshing citrus of this dry mead. Sit back, relax, and sip on a glass of herbs and sweetness. This honey wine pairs well with weekends, barbecues, and cherishing the little things.

strawberry ginger mead


Still Mead // 12% ABV

A great complement to the warmer weather. Each sip starts with fresh strawberries and ends with a hint of refreshingly spicy ginger. SPRING/SUMMER SEASONAL

apple cinnamon mead


Still Mead // 12% ABV

This expression of our signature honey wine boasts apples, smooth honey, and warmth, while remaining balanced, drinkable, and refreshing. WINTER SEASONAL


Our signature drink is light-bodied and carbonated. contain 6.9% alcohol and almost 0 residual sugars.


Our taproom is the best place to get to know the product, and the people who make it. 


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